Lomography deal of the day

Lomography deal of the day
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Personal Review: Diana Mini + Lomography x-Pro 200

*drumroll* This is the moment you've been waiting for~~~
Ta da~ My photos!
Anyway, some of my photos are cross processed~
You may wonder what is cross process so read up on this link! =)
My kite is somewhere up there =) I know you can't see it =P
My dog. Isn't he cute? Funny expression >_<
Tribal carvings
Kopitiam (Coffee shop)
Merdeka Palace taken from the museum
Meet Fahriee =P
Live band at Watefront
My cousin and I =)
I may not want to bore you with too many photos so if you want to see more~ head on to home in lomography,or my FB photo page. =)
Overall, the film is just nice as the ISO is 200. Just too bad part of my film was damaged during lab developing time. I'm satisfied with the effect of crossprocess! You should try it too, take photos using slide film and develop it with C-41 chemical and it will surprise you!

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