Lomography deal of the day

Lomography deal of the day
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The LomoKino - Super 35 Movie Maker

The Lomographic Society Proudly Presents

The LomoKino - Super 35 Movie Maker

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yuan Carnival Kuching Day 2 Part 1

Last Sunday, I went to Yuan Carnival Kuching 2011 organize by NTV7!!! I actually went on the first day but was there too late so all the stalls are closing by then.
Anyway, I get to meet the cast from TimeFM showing on NTV7 every Thursday 11pm and this week is the last episode of the 13 episode shown!!! I'm not equip with any decent camera at that time so I'm using Norman's photos in the meant time. =P I also met a few friends during the carnival and had a decent chat with them.
 These are some of the cast of Time FM.
 During autograph session. As usual Adrian got requested to hug his fans~
Alvin Wong

Halfway during the time when the autograph session is on, Norman, his apprentice and I went around the school to get some snacks! Norman and I even auditioned for NTV7 by reading news in front of a camera. It was a nervous moment for me as I auditioned for English and Mandarin and need to read both script back-to-back! I did misread some part but it was fun being in the spotlight for a few minutes. 
This is the time where they are having fun playing pass the rubber band game with their fans! 
Sexy or not? 
Anyway, I had fun too in the beginning I actually went up to stage to compete with 5 other audience in a drinking water competition with the OneFM DJs Jane, Nicholas and Kyan! I didn't win the first prize but it's a fun experience up there and to see them up close! =P 
Alvin is so dramatic. Funniest actor on stage!
And that's it! My first time going to the Yuan Carnival lasted until 4pm and then I went home then come back later in the evening which I shall tell you in my next post! =D 
Oh ya, if you want to view more of Norman's photos,  click here and here
I almost forgot, if you miss out my teaser post, click here!
[Updated] My second part here!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Yuan Carnival Kuching *teaser post*

Wanna see more of Yuan Carnival coverage in Kuching? Stay tune~~ In the mean time, do watch some of the videos recorded during the second night of Yuan Carnival Kuching concert!

If you cannot watch this, then go to this link.

If you cannot watch this, then go to this link.

If you cannot watch this, then go to this link.

If you cannot watch this, then go to this link.

Thank you for visiting! =D

Red Wine tasting session at Pink Miracle Karaoke

Last night, I went to a event at Pink Miracle Karaoke, Jalan Mendu invited by Rose! So the event starts at 8.30pm according to Rose and so I arrive after that and on the way thinking that I was late!!!

First trial
and so we all arrive about 9p.m. and Eve a bit later.
Both wines. Currently only 2 types available
That night, Pink Miracle Karaoke had a 1/2 price promotion on 3rd bottle of wine and RM50 for the 4th bottle onwards. Normal price is RM80 for both type of wines.  Both bottles are suitable to drink while eating cheese~~ Yummy cheese =D I like the wine with the red label one better. Both taste a bit more to sour and quite dry.
Look at how Kelson lights up the bottle for Foosi to shot
Oh ya, new friend! The guy on the left is Kelson! Foosi is on the right!

Nicely lit bar counter top
I also learnt that wine can smell differently at different angle while holding the wine glass to my nose. 3 different positions all have different meaning. 1st smell from the top of the glass, I'm suppose to smell where the wine comes from but er.. first time doing it so I can't differentiate. 2nd smell which is in the middle of the glass, minerals from that country that produce the wine can be identified. 3rd smell which is the lower part of the wine glass, John told me that the taste or smell depends on how good that person that made this wine is. The smoother the smell, the better it is. *take note I tilt the glass at 45 angle like that*

Eve writing her song but too bad they played it too late
These two again =P
Meet Eve! Isn't she cute? 
This is Rose a.k.a ahlost

Rose wanted to catch Foosi? 
Gladys posing 

Ahlost attempted smoking.....from a....
John, his name if I remember correctly =D 
ahlost smoking a chopstick =P
Heee... I'm here~~ with Foosi
Eve is back with yet another adorable pose!
Eve and me 

Ignore the peace sign behind =P
My purple test tube shot
Gladys and I
Looks like multiple exposure shot but it's someone waving while we are taking photos
Overall, in the end everyone is so high with the songs and all and started to dance! This is really my first time getting all tipsy and in the verge of being drunk drinking wine. It was a fun experience thanks to ahlost who invited me to this blogger review session!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My new blog address

Hello all!! I just change my blog address so people can remember it! So remember, My blog link is cutebun.blogspot.com !! Remember to visit ar~~~

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First day at work!

Today is my first day of work after my unofficial graduate from Swinburne.
Nothing really major to do yet but will be increase overtime with the future events!
I go to and fro from office to Station One cafe outlet almost 5 times today, in the future sure need to go more often.
There's an unplug singing competition happening right now! Register if you are interested! Get forms from Station One cafe. *for East Malaysian only*

Suddenly I'm a promoter. LOL

Shall update you more next time!

By the way, I'm going to a lomography event this Saturday and going to participate in lomomatrix!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blessed Tuesday!

Today I feel so blessed because:
  1. I won a lego camera from Mijonju
  2. I won a LMFAO CD pack from Hitz Kuching
  3. I finally got a job as a sales clerk at Station 1 cafe
  4. I'm joining a giveaway contest that requires a lot of likes: If you want to help then read this =) (If I win this, I also will feel blessed!)

July is such an awesome month! I successfully graduate from Swinburne unofficially on 1st July.

July is my month too! Gonna sit back and wait for presents from you all this 22th July. =P

Monday, July 4, 2011

BHR Padawan Challenge Part 1

UPDATED: Read about Chai Fung's adventure here!
The first time I heard about this event is through Sarawak Bloggers portal which really interest me because I never been to Borneo Height.

So hmm, I thought this is my chance to go up to enjoy the nature.

Yesterday morning, I woke up super early like 5a.m. to prepare and 5.40a.m. my trekking partner Chai Fung came to fetch me.

So we're off to Kota Padawan and had breakfast before proceeding to the Borneo Highland foothill.

 So this is where we got off from the taxi, nice scenery right?
Our flag off/starting point!
I shall bore you with all the photos taken by my phone now =)
Anyway, at the starting point less than halfway I was struggling to go on in the trek. It was so tiring in my mind and body that I wanted to give up! My partner kept on cheering me on and said: 'Sherrie, don't give up!'. I rested quite a number of times in the jungle. My white clothes are all muddy colour now.
I'm all white in the beginning
During the trek, it's leaping through rivers, climbing through tree trunks, go through a mountain fall, climbing upwards like wall climbing through the mud and walk upwards and downwards. Halfway, there's even rain to help make the tracks even muddier and dirty.
The most rewarding experience for me, is at the Kalimantan Viewpoint! So peaceful and serene view.
If only the time allows, I would have finish the whole track and might even stand a chance to be in the top 15. I'm just too slow to regain my strength! Almost fainted due to fatigue during my mental and physical torture.  

After this we took another route to surrender ourselves off the race.
If you want to see more of my photos, click here~