Lomography deal of the day

Lomography deal of the day
Awesome camera!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Kite flying at Waterfront

Last Sunday I went to fly kite with the AMP people which includes Hitz Kuching crew, MY FM crew and ERA FM.
Anyway, 3 radio station each gave out 50 kites to the public!!! That's 150 kites y'all!
 Here is my new baby! Diana Mini! I brought her out with me that day and took quite a lot of photos~ but that roll is not finish yet! Yes, it's a analogue camera!
 This is my cousin Amelia~ Her kite did not flew in the end... partly my fault...it got wet... huhu
 At first, there was a lot of people gather in the empty space and it was hard to fly the kite without getting tangled with other people's kite. After some drizzle, strong wind came and poof! My kite flew high! =D
 Wee~~ my kite! And it flew up quite high in the sky before it fell into the Sarawak river 30mins after~ TwT Before it got itself into the river, other kites got tangled and my cousin together with Ai Sing My FM DJ helped to rescue my kite~ =)

My 2 new cameras! Action sampler and Diana Mini!
I had fun at the event! Hope to attend more outings like this next time!
P/s: Will update you all as soon as my film is developed! 
Updates: I saw a video on that day's event hehe~~

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