Lomography deal of the day

Lomography deal of the day
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tomorrow's Leaders Summit Day 2

On this day, I was right on time to arrive at BCCK but was late to go into the great hall because was waiting for Starbucks~
So this is the Greathall, Nobel Laureate, Professor Douglas D. Osheroff is giving keynote speech on stage. He talks about physics and heliums and used many technical science term that I did not quite understand.I remember parts where he talks about his discovery of gun powders and his marriage life as a researcher.
Meet Pris with CM's wife
Stealing Photos from Rodz
After the keynote speech, we have a leadership panel discussion on the topic 'Developing High Income Youth'. While the panels are on stage, we are busy eating away at the end of the hall with the breakfast provided for delgates and media. I did hear discussions on the definition of 'High income' but after that, no more discussions on the topic. I'm quite happy to see many youths going to the mic to ask questions during the panel sessions.
The Panels
 There was quite a debate among the panels, one supporting the youth and another supports the older generation thinking. The panels are outdoing each other during the session. The discussion going on inside my mind is that if youths are not recognize for their ability and competencies, how can they grow from there?
 After this was a speech by Rosmah, the first lady of Malaysia!
Photo with CM's wife~

Group photo.
After that, we had lunch. Pris was saying that she's so full from eating the breakfast from earlier on. This time, the lunch was at the right side of the hall. I went to the Leadership workshop later on with David Hoe as the speaker. If you don't know which one is him, head over to the photo above and spot the biggest smile! =) He talks about leadership is the ability of influence. There are 4 main factors to leadership. (To be updated) The moderator for this session is Rodz.
This is Eileen from Singapore to talk on Green issues
The next workshop I went is going green. The moderator here is Daniel.Eileen did a presentation on how we contributed to the environmental damage. The answer is consumerism. We over consume on food,clothes and things that we do not need. By doing this, we are creating demand and the supplier are sure to supply our wants which in turn waste the resources from the earth. Anyway, she showed us a meaningful video. It still applies to us now.

After this workshop, we head back to the Greathall to eat some snacks. I didn't know that the youth transformation lab was happening at the same time. All participants was given Starbucks! This concludes the second day at the summit.

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