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Lomography deal of the day
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TLS day 3 - Borneo Youth Declaration part

On this day, I was expecting to attend a financial workshop conducted by Jonathan if not mistaken. So here we are around 150 of us in the greathall waiting for the event to start.
The emcee, Ann was asking us to say something for the youth and what we want to see after this summit. So Cyril was the first one talking in front. After that, I go up and talk about youths being ignorant of the politics issues happening around us. I was asking for a show of hand of those registered as voters and those that are eligible to vote. The result was that less than half of the eligible youths registered themselves. I did mentioned that if you do not vote, you have no right to complaint about the government because you made a choice by not voting.

After that, Nordin and others arrived at the hall and started talking about the Borneo Youth Declaration. A lot of us disagree with the declaration because the input is not from us. Cyril actually ask for printed copies from the organizers to properly read the content of the declaration until someone from Swinburne talks about going green. But in the end we got our printed copies and had 2 long hours of discussions on the declaration draft.
The event concluded with all participants confused for the workshop was canceled. I suppose that the organizers did not expect youths from Borneo to disagree with their plans.
Overall, I am thankful that the organizers gave free passes to me and I am able to attend this event. A lot of networking after the event. =)

p/s: However, I do regret not having any namecards to be given out throughout the event.


  1. Going green the said? Hahaha! Be realistic la...Ahaks! Anyway, congrats Sheerie!

  2. yeah...that makes me want to have my own namecard too....thinking~~~ hahaha....