Lomography deal of the day

Lomography deal of the day
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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Mitsubishi 4x4 DAKAR RALLY Experience

Yesterday morning (I wrote this today at 19March), I went to The Dakar Rally Press launch at Travillion. We had breakfast. =)Then went straight for the interview session after speech from Mitsubishi CEO and Deputy Mayor.The other members of media was asking for expected numbers of cars to be sold for the year 2011.
I asked Mr. Hiroshi why was he interested in Dakar Rally (Extreme sport).

He answered that this sport is one of the toughest sport in the world because there's only 30% of the participants can complete the course. One slight mistake will jeopardize the whole competition. He was involve in this sport for 21 years already! He chose Mitsubishi because Mitsubishi was proven to be tough and have advance technology to take him through the tough ride! (He actually answered in Japanese and his translator explain his answers to me)

Anyway, The Dakar Rally is on from today (March 19) and tomorrow (20 March) from 9am to 9pm at Travillion! Most importantly, the admission is FREE!

19 March

20 March
The event schedule is as above~ =)

The cars~ Triton and Pajero Sport

Coconut kuih for breakfast

Curry puff


The tent~ Nice combination of colours~

Pretty models~

 After that we had our taxi ride with Mr. Hiroshi Masuoka!
Helmets ready! Do wear seatbelts and helmet when you are in the car =)

Group photo with all the VIPs

Muddy trail and car!

Car for the obstacles course~

48 degree angle sharp turning

 Last but not least, my merchandise from Mitsubishi!