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Monday, April 18, 2011

Why vote?

After all the hype on State Election in Sarawak, many have yet to register as a voter in the state. Among them are mostly from my contact based on the survey questions asked on FB. This kinda sadden me because most of us are educated and yet some of them are so ignorant of the future of the country. We already having a hard time surviving in this country due to racial discrimination (Personal opinion). Priority is given mostly to natives than Chinese. I urged all of you to start registering for the upcoming General Election to not be left out in shaping the country. Do you want people that has less education than you make that decision for you? Do you want to regret for making indirect bad decision for the country and the effect that impacted yourself? The same saying still goes: If you did not vote, you have absolutely no right to complaint nor feeling unsatisfied because you made the choice when you don't vote.
Many of us wants CHANGE but many also do nothing and expect change. This will not happen because the numbers are just not enough to do anything significant.
Do not! I repeat do not say that your one vote makes no difference, because that is not the case, it makes every difference. Think of it this way, if everyone thinks that their votes are insignificant and decided not to vote and in the end the decision is made by some unknown people. Do you want your fate controlled by unknown people? I sure do not want that that's why I practice my right as a citizen. If you do not wish to vote and do not want to enjoy the privilege as a citizen of Malaysia, go ahead and migrate and get PR status in foreign land and then you'll know how it feels as you cannot do anything(vote, change policies, voice out dissatisfaction...etc).
Of cos, please read the rules of voting properly to avoid contributing to the spoil votes. These votes are the insignificant ones because it didn't mean anything to anyone. 

In addition, the most common spoil votes is those marking more than 1 party in a ballot.(I guess) So please make your choice properly because there's only ONE choice. Not multiple answers like in exam. =P 

FYI, for those in Kuching, you may go to Bangunan Sultan Ismail 11th floor to register physically. More info here

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