Lomography deal of the day

Lomography deal of the day
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Party weekend at Damai

Remember last last week I attended Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge and last weekend I attended Flipflops beach carnival Kuching 2011 at Damai Puri and Spa!

This trip was planned way ahead by Angel. She's so romantic, she planned this to celebrate her BF's birthday! Anyway, she also invited 14 more friends to come over which includes Fahriee, Mike, Jonathan, and etc.
Cat and Stella waiting under the trees
 We arrive at Damai quite early like 11 something and the room was not ready so I decided to join Catheleen and others to swim at the pool~ After swimming, we all grew hungry and decided to go Buntal to catch our lunch because the lunch at Damai itself was too pricey~

 After that, we went back and try the Storm Rider ride priced at Rm30. Cat, Stella and I was screaming the whole 15minutes of the ride. We are clinging tightly to the seat and was feeling nervous and afraid of falling into the sea. We are overturned to get down from the ride though.

 And at night, the Rave party venue is at the above photo.Too bad the party is not at the beach. More like mud party in the end due to the big pour from the sky. The Dj was good, DJ Co2an was the first DJ on stage. I really enjoyed DJ Delicious Deleeya too. She was rocking the party with Singer Leeya. 

 Halfway through the party, I went back to the room only to discovered most of the guys was drunk! Some of them are so funny. Jonathan was the funniest, he can text, talk on the phone and almost tripped throughout the night. Mike and Benny was puking in the end due to over drinking. This time, I'm sober =P
 Anyway, with more than 10 people sharing 4 single beds the sleep quality is not that good so woke up at 6am and waited for Mike to come to Damai~~ =P Mike and I hope onto the Hot Air Balloon that morning!

This was when we are slowly leaving the land
 And the photos are taken from the Hot Air Balloon ride.Although there are not much to see due to tall trees and mountains, but I did enjoy flying higher above~ If only the wind was stable, then we might have flew at the Beach. =P
The ticket booth and charity run booth

Mount Santubong

A hint of Damai Hilltop can be seen

 After the ride, we went for a walk at the beach! Morning walk with breeze is so relaxing~

 And that's all folks!


  1. Sherrie. Finally found your blog. LOL!!!

  2. nice~!

    I was at Damai (also have the word damai mah...) Beach for Family trip...

    I heard the show ended after 3am LOL...

  3. It ended way after 3am~ after 3.30am~ But I did not stay until 3am~ was asleep~ =P