Lomography deal of the day

Lomography deal of the day
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things to do in Kuching

Beef noodle at My Jade Pot Tea

Fries at The Junk

Soup at The Junk

Taken from The Junk from the inside~ =P
I find that in Kuching we only have few choices to do:
1. Watch movies at MBO, Star or Lotus
2. Have karaoke session at lounge, k-box and etc.
3. Eat eat and eat~ with so many cafe and kopitiam, we just go out and eat. Hence the round shape body~ =3
4. Bowling at Crystal or Riverside
5. Snooker or pool at various places but limited non-smoking ones
6. Swimming at Stampark or MBKS
7. Go to the beach, rivers or waterfall to picnic
8. Walk or stroll at waterfront, reservoir or other parks
9. Maybe some photo taking sessions for those with cameras
10. Shopping at India Street
11. Shopping at Spring, Hills, Crown Square, Hock Lee, Riverside, One Jaya, Saberkas, Tun Jugah, Sarawak Plaza and that's it!
12. Mountain climbing to Gunung Gading, Singai, Santubong
13. Visit wind cave, fairy cave and the gold lake in Bau
14. Crocodile farm visiting

I can't think of anything to do anymore. =P Some of the activities are out of city area so we'll just repeating the same activities that we can do in city area.

I had been watching movie 5 times in a week. I guess the next thing to do is to work part time.


  1. u left out sinar serapi, Semongok wild life center, Matang Wildlife, all the sports arenas, civil center, sampan tambang to petrajaya, BCCK, Muala Tebas, Fishing in ponds, Permai jungle tracks, SCV, etc (parameters defined by your item 12 (Gunung Gading)

  2. etc..etc...but there's still limited stuff to fo in Kuching T____T

  3. Things you can do in Kuching seems more than what I can do in miri.. Hmmmm xD

  4. But I heard clubs in Miri is way better than Kuching?

  5. Damn bored! Am transferred to Kuching after 15 years in KL and 2 years in London. HELP!!!!