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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Should have write this for a long time~

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to discuss on how Swinburne (my current university) aims to suck the students dry of their money.
Firstly, the university's main aim is to earn every last bit of money only, I repeat only from the students. Students: People that are currently employed as students and does not have income.
Sad to say, my Uni is sucking money out of us (students). They impose carpark charges on all students and staff. It is charge by hours mine you. Rm1 per hour. Seasonal parking rates: Rm60 for shaded carpark with confirm parking space and Rm40 for unshaded and unconfirmed parking space. This is ridiculous you might think. Other university paid for the staff to park outside the university if the parking space is limited but over here, they demanded the staff( lecturers) to pay up for parking. The lame reason for setting up a carpark entry rate is to decrease the traffic congestion inside the uni compound. They forget that Kuching being a small city does not have proper public transportation system. In the end, we are still forced to drive our own car to the uni. The lame reasoning does not reduce traffic congestion,  it only adds more burden in our wallet to pay the expensive parking fees (even more expensive than The Spring Shopping Mall). 

Secondly, the students here are not standing up for their rights. If it's just me and a few others, the university or management will simply brush us away. We need support from all the students, even if you are not driving please to do fight for the benefit of others. And those people that are benefiting from all these are encourage to join in the cause and not just enjoy the benefits afterward without fighting for it. =)

Thirdly, the Swinburne Management is not standing in the students' side, they stand at the profit and money side. They never listen to students' view (they will argue they did, and do nothing about it) , I wonder why they even want students to complete the survey for. It is a waste of time and money and effort to ask(force) students to do the Swinburne survey.

Fourthly, the staff of Swinburne are quiet about the implementation of carpark fees. Maybe this is because they got compensations or they don't mind paying up because they have high income?

Fifthly, The university claims that the building does not belongs to them and they have no say in the owners' actions? Shouldn't they generate more income by attracting more students and building bigger carparking facilities and not charging the students on carpark and decrease students intake? The marketing department should even change their marketing lines to 'Come to Swinburne and get rip-off your parents' hard earned money by paying for carpark fees and many more miscellaneous fees'. This will  be more effective shooing away students. They wanted an increase of students to 5000, but with this kind of attitude and facilities, there is no way that the goal will succeed. Please do not be fooled by the Australian Certified university. This is a private university that wants your money and will get it with all the means and method there is.
There's a rumour that the carparking profit will be divided 50-50 amongst the investors and the university itself. (That's why the university is not standing on the students' side)

I urge all high school leavers NOT to enter Swinburne as this is a money-sucking university that cares not about you or your education but of your money and find ways and means to take it away from you. =)

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